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School Culture

Resources to assist in developing a positive school culture.  Click here to learn more about Restorative Practices, Joven Noble, PBIS and Mindfulness Practices


This page has resources for the technology initiates in the Santa Ana Unified School District.  Click here to learn more about Google, Canvas, APEX, and Web Development

Rules for Student Web Sites

  • Your website must be named exactly like your username

  • No pictures of students are allowed unless you have written permission

  • Remember this is a school and class website so you must be appropriate.  Proper grammar and spelling

  • No profanity or negative comments

This website is for your class work only!  You can make it look awesome, but the focus must be your work!

Points-to-Ponder When Creating Your Portfolio:

  • Be sure to illustrate self-reflection and growth in your chosen pieces.

  • Content “proves” your talent and skills to an employer/audience.

  • Combines all life-experiences into one collection.

  • Be positive.  Glass half-full, always.

  • Demonstrate intellect in combining classroom learning with professional experience.

​How to make a web site


Student Examples

Portfolio #1

Portfolio #2

Porfolio #3

Portfolio #4


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