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Teacher Effectiveness Coach Proposal for Pioneer Project: #IAMSAUSD ~ Education Option Schools


We are pleased to submit this proposal to support Santa Ana Unified School District in achieving its goals for highlighting our students’ successes. By working with the Educational Options schools, the district’s Communications Offices, we will discover and spotlights our students and the many achievements they have accomplished as well as looking at the roadblocks they have overcome.

The Objective

·    Spotlight Education Options student success

·    Learn about roadblocks students have overcome

·    Help current students by showing them that it is possible (Que, si se puede!)

·    Promote our community successes

The Opportunity

·    Goal #1: Create a team to find, interview and post our former students successes by end of March 2017

·    Goal #2: Determine a system and procedures for locating and interviewing our former students by end of April 2017

·    Goal #3: Create/develop a studio at a Cesar Chavez High School in which interviews, recording and editing can be completed

The Solution

·    In order to show our student, parents and the community at large that our students are some of the best and brightest in the world, we will highlight the students who have attended Educational Options schools and how they have overcome their roadblocks and found success!

·    By highlighting students who have attended Education Option schools in our district, we can show that no matter what obstacles our students face that there is a way to be successful.

·    In our age of social media, and entertainment as education, this video series can really speak to this generation of students.

Our Proposal

Santa Ana Unified School District has a well-deserved reputation for providing quality education for all students. However, faced with media focus on negativity, unique hardships our community face, and limitations that prevent our community from seeing our successes, Santa Ana Unified School District faces the possibility of negative perceptions.

The #IamSAUSD campaign has had a positive impact for Santa Ana Unified School District. The logical next step is to find ways to expand the campaign and we would like to focus on the Educational Options schools.  We will look at each schools unique population and create a campaign focused on how Santa Ana Unified School District was able to help student success. Most importantly, we will highlight and communicate the stories of these students.  Each school will have its own footprint and will focus on its strengths and how the school and how was able to help the child succeed.  As an example Cesar E. Chavez will have #IAMConqueror, REACH Academy may be #WatchMeSoar, Independent Study Program #WeRise and so forth for each of the Education Options schools.


·    Based on the success of the #IamSAUSD campaign, this proposal aims to expand on the positive message

·    The equipment earned by Cesar E. Chavez High School, provides a unique opportunity to involve students in the process of creating this campaign

·    Alignment with mission of the Santa Ana Unified School District

·    The personnel is high caliber and experiences in creating a campaign like #IamSAUSD and can be an asset as we focus on the Education Options schools

Execution Strategy and Approach

Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies, extremely qualified personnel, and a highly responsive approach. Following is a description of our project methods, including how the project will be developed, a proposed timeline of events, and reasons for why we suggest developing the project as described.

Based on the success of the #IamSAUSD campaign we will use similar strategies to highlight students that have come from our Education Option sites and conduct interviews, photo shoots, and communicate what helped them get to where they are to show others students from similar backgrounds that we can all achieve and succeed.

We will use a point person -- teacher , counselor or principal -- at each Education Options site to create and keep a list of student successes and have them be the point of contact for each student.  The Ed Options Teacher Effectiveness Coach will then work with the Communications and Community Relations Offices to scheduler and conduct those interviews, produce and publish materials to be shared with our community and beyond.

The site leader will then find 1 alum to showcase and encapsulate the potential for each of our students and 1 current student for the #OntheRightPath campaign to highlight Education Options students who have already overcome substantial obstacles and are moving towards success.


The resources needed will be largely human resources to conduct interview, production, and to locate and highlight our students.

Site Leads

Following is a complete list of site leads:

Site Leads

Cesar E. Chavez High School ~ George Reta

Lorin Griset Academy ~ Adrian Rios

Reach Academy ~ Trucker Clark

 Independent Study Program ~ Michael Parra

 Timeline for Execution

Between now and the end of April we will identify, locate and interview 2 students from each Education Options sites and will have produced materials highlighting their successes that will be shared with our community and beyond.