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My name is Cesar Chacon and I am a Teacher at REACH Academy, a Community Day School located in Santa Ana, CA.  

I am looking forward to working with REACH Academy, as we work together to help our students grow towards academic and overall success.

As a professional educator, I am committed to fostering a learning environment in which lifelong learners are developed. A place in which all people are able to cooperate, in a resource-rich environment; a place in which all stakeholders value learning, in which the values of hard work, honesty, discipline, and trust are nurtured; a place where responsible citizenry and academic achievement are established; a place in which each learner finds meaning in what they learn and in who they are.

The integration of technology is essential to create such a place. Technology has the ability to allow sharing which reaches across cultural, physical and emotional barriers. It is a tool that can enhance learning, help solve difficult problems and provide the exchange and synthesis of knowledge.  With a wide variety of resources, within and beyond the walls of the traditional school, we must use technology for student achievement and success.

In the next year, I envision my learning organization moving forward towards becoming such a place.  Please click here for my understanding of leadership, developed over my years in education, but penned by Dr. Mark Robison.

On a personal note, the work we do is very important to me.  As a second language learner and son of 1st generation Mexican immigrants, I can personally relate to some of the challenges that are unique to our student population.  The good news is that all things are possible through diligence, hard work, and the support of amazing teachers!

With the support of my parents, my teachers, and the great (and sometimes not so great) people I have been able to work with, I have learned much as a student and now as an educator.

The importance of a good education is not just an ideal...it pays off!  I myself have earned a BA in History and Political Science, MA in Instructional Technology and an MS in Education.  I also have teaching credentials in Counseling (PPS), Administration (Admin Services), Secondary Social Science and Technology.  I am excited to have begun my lifelong dream of attending the University of Southern California in pursuit of a doctorate in education!

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School Culture

Resources to assist in developing a positive school culture.  Click here to learn more about Restorative Practices, Joven Noble, PBIS and Mindfulness Practices

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Learn ~ Grow ~ Lead


This page has resources for the technology initiates in the Santa Ana Unified School District.  Click here to learn more about Google, Canvas, APEX, and Web Development